Forking a Git repo more than once

Github does not support forking a repo more than once. If you try to do that, it’ll just redirect to your original fork. That could be a problem if you have an outstanding pull request on a branch you want to modify for an unrelated change. Rather than muck around with the forked repo, create a new for this way.

  • git clone antlr4-pr2
  • In Github, create a new repo antlr4-pr2.
  • git remote rename origin upstream
  • git remote add origin
  • git remote -v
  • git push -v origin master

The main problem with this approach is that Github imposes a lot of restrictions on what you can do. Github “pull requests” cannot be performed from repositories that haven’t been explicitly “forked” through the UI. It might be best to follow the normal workflow: fork the repo, clone it, “git branch foobar”, “git checkout foobar”, then make your changes and checkin and publish from the Github Desktop app.

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