Version 7 of Antlrvsix released

I’ve made a release of Antlrvsix yesterday which includes recursion removal for Antlr grammars. There are two types of recursion that I can work with: direct (aka immediate) and indirect. The algorithm that I use for direct and indirect recursion removal are the ones that Aho et al. (2006) describe. In addition, the extension provides a transform to rewrite direct recursion (left or right) into Kleene operator form, which helps clean up the grammar considerably. These transformations help fix grammar problems that you may run across. But, to use these transformations, you have to select the rule that contains or participates in the recursion.

In addition, the extension now provides an explicit mapping for colorizing the grammar. The problem with LSP and VS2019 is that neither supports languages like Antlr. So, language features like nonterminals and terminals are mapped to client-specific data types that have display properties. This mapping can be modified in the options file for Antlrvsix. In addition, I now tag almost all of the grammar.

What’s next up for Antlrvsix? The main problem I wanted to solve is the performance of the Java9 parser, which performs terribly for certain input. The issue seems to involve left factoring, but it’s not clear. I’ll now be working on this for the next month. I was hoping to add Piggy into the extension, but that will have to wait.


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