Release 5 of AntlrVSIX

After several months of work, I’ve finally released version 5 of the Visual Studio 2019 extension for Antlr, AntlrVSIX. This version is a re-architecture of the code using a Language Server Protocol implementation. The extension is slimmer because it now only focuses on support for Antlr grammars and removes some of the features that LSP does not support (e.g., “go to listener/visitor” and colorized tagging). However, I now have added a template for creating C++ Antlr programs (in addition to the familiar C# Antlr template). The templates use an updated version of the msbuild rules and tool in Antlr4BuildTasks that works for csproj and vcxproj files (C# and C++ projects, respectively). There is a Net Core template in Antlr4BuildTasks.Templates as well. –Ken

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