Adding in a symbol table into AntlrVSIX

I’m now working on adding in a full symbol table implementation into AntlrVSIX. This will help make the extension much more powerful with tasks such as tagging and navigating to defs.

For better or worse, I’m starting with the implementation in Antlr Symtab. It looks like it’ll work out pretty well, but it is missing certain classes, and needs a little polishing. For example, VariableSymbol is the base class for FieldSymbol and ParameterSymbol, but there isn’t a class for variables defined and referenced in a method body. This makes it somewhat difficult to distinguish between a field and a local variable in a block.

Also, for better or worse, I’ve added Mono.Cecil into the symbol table code. I’m not sure whether I’ll need this, but it’s there just in case. Mono contains a reader of PE files, which might be useful. But, what I’m really thinking of is the equivalent over in Java and other languages.

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