Extending AntlrVSIX with Rust; Adding a general wrapper for CLI tools to Msbuild

I’ve started two new tasks.

(1) I’m adding a Rust parser to AntlrVSIX. The grammar I’m using is an old grammar from Jason Orendorff. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated for several years. Also, it looks like it isn’t correct because there are cases where tokens are not correctly defined, e.g., ‘>’ ‘=’ instead of ‘>=’. It’s incorrect because the parser would allow a space between the ‘>’ and ‘=’ in the input, which is probably not intended. I’m first updating the grammar by separating the parser and lexer grammars, then I’ll add in rules recognized by another grammar.

(2) I’m really disappointed in the fact that no one seems to have written a general wrapper for command-line tools for Msbuild. I wrote a wrapper for the Antlr Java tool, but I’ve noticed that I’m going to have to write yet again another wrapper for Rust’s tools. I now realize that all of these wrappers can be generalized into a single wrapper with a specification of inputs and outputs. When I’m finished with the Rust grammar, I plan to write this tool, and rewrite the Antlr Java wrapper with it. It is no wonder why it seems everyone is using Visual Studio Code. I would too, but it’s written is the most awful of all languages, Javascript.

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