Series on program transformation systems: C-Breeze (2004)

This is the next entry in the series on program transformation systems. This article describes C-Breeze, a compiler system for C source code.

C-Breeze is a compiler project for C programs. The purpose of the project is to provide access to the compiler data structures through an API in C++. Two data structures are provided: the AST, via a tree walker class and node editing class; the machine independent control flow graph (MIR). Additional components include a code generator backend, and a C source generator. Program transformations are possible using the tree walker and node editor, but it is only accessible using a C++ API.

Several projects have been based on C-Breeze. Leow, Ng, and Wong (2006) used C-Breeze to compile OpenMP C programs and generate code for FPGAs. Jacobs and Lewis (2006) extended C-Breeze to provide “smart macros”, which are source-to-source translations for checking user code after parsing. Using these type-aware patterns, the system can add checks for null pointer dereferences, debugging output statements, etc.

Observations and notes

  • C-Breeze is a compiler infrastructure and does provide for some program transformation features, such as an AST visitor API, and AST rewriter. But, there is no pattern matching/rewrite language for ASTs.
  • Due to other infrastructures available (LLVM, SUIF), it hasn’t been used since, outside of computer science course work.
  • The source and/or executables aren’t available, but the documentation is. For example, all the AST node types are described here. The Walker class is used to visit AST nodes in a partcular order. The Changer class is used to alter the AST.


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Additional Reading

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