Piggy as a build tool

One further refinement to Piggy is required before I make a release of the tool: a wrapper to get the tool under MSBuild. Like the Antlr4BuildTasks wrapper I forked from Antlr4cs, I want Piggy to work seamlessly during the build of a C# project that uses a native library. My plan is for C# projects to contain the Piggy templates required to generate the declarations for C# of the interface needed by the project. Required by the user would be a template for Piggy and C++ file for the Clang compiler. During a build, the Piggy tool would run and produce C# output in the build directory, compiled and linked with the project. So, instead of users writing the DllImport decls to work with a native library, just indicate what you want and let Piggy do the rest. The build tool would be released to NuGet, and would contain the Clang serializer, the Piggy tool, the assembly wrapper for the Clang serializer and Piggy, and all the build rules.

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