Visual Studio 2015 MRU List Cleanup

Somewhere in the many years that Microsoft has been developing Visual Studio, they’ve managed to completely mess up the Most Recently Used (MRU) list of projects in the Start Page. It used to be that if you opened a project, it would appear at the top of the list the next time you open Visual Studio. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Visual Studio 2015 now sorts the list in some bizarre manner, and it adds .csproj files (sub-projects) to the MRU list of a solution that I opened. Rather than try to raise the issue with Microsoft, I decided to write a small program that can reorganize and clean the MRU list to what I want.

The program (source in git here) is a WPF application that, when run as administrator, displays a grid of the project, location, whether it exists, date created, and date accessed. By clicking on the column, the registry data for the MRU list is re-ordered by that column. If you want to remove an entry, select the row(s), then hit the Delete key. Double clicking of an item opens the default program for the file.

Enjoy! –Ken

NOTE: I’ve since filed a bug with MS. VS overwrites the MRU list with stale data on the close of VS. This is part of the problem with MRU lists in VS.

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